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Launch insurance that matters to your customers

Eliminate barriers to supercharging digital products and embedded experiences.

Insurance on API


The easiest way to launch and manage digital insurance products

Root is a low-code, API-first, end-to-end insurance platform powering universally programmable insurance products, any digital sales channel, digital insurance operations, and the ecosystem around this.

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How it works

We’ve solved the infrastructure so that you can focus on your customer

Low-code product workbench

Autonomously prototype and launch universally programmable, API-ready insurance products.

Root’s low-code environment eliminates the technical barriers to creating and delivering products and experiences your customers want. No limits.

Proven RESTful APIs

Open up an infinite number of sales and engagement channels, from embedded to chatbots, integrate into other systems and the broader ecosystem.

Root’s well-documented, comprehensive suite of APIs means broad, reliable integration with real-time interaction.

End-to-end insurance operating system

Manage the full policy lifecycle, optimise data enrichment and solve for back office processes.

Root’s core digital policy administration system works end-to-end, from quote generation, policy administration, premium collection, reporting to claims and more.

"Root's APIs are easy to use and well documented, and products are easily configured with minimal coding effort. Root enables us to fulfill our aspirations of providing financial services to segments previously underserved in the market."

Sanlam Giulio di Giannatale - Chief Technology Officer - Sanlam Indie

"Testing our implementation with Root has been a pleasure - easy to use and easy to understand."

Metropolitan Susilla Louw - Test Analyst

"Root makes our insurance processes efficient and allows us to focus on clients and products. Their hardworking team handles our complex products with the required attention and sets us up for success."

ShackeltonLife Michael Hay - Digital Project Lead

"Launching with Root was straightforward and simple - the simplest integration with an insurance company by far."

TaxTim Evan Robinson - Founder, Director & CTO

"The Root team is great to work with and their development speed is fantastic. They are always keen to advise on how to navigate the platform and better leverage their functionality to yield the best return on the investment made in the platform."

Metropolitan Prin Munsamy - Solutions Actuary

"The platform is very user friendly and the Root team efficient and professional."

TFG Jillian Brown - Senior Business Analyst

"Having Root as our technology partner is a game-changer. Their APIs make it really easy for our partners to integrate with us. Root’s team also offers exceptional support throughout - I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else."

ShackeltonLife Gareth Kitto - Managing Director

Client testimonials

Industry leaders trust Root to process millions of policies and thousands of claims across dozens of products

Explore what Root can do for your business:

Enterprise solution  


Build the future of insurance with tools designed for developers

Root enables your product teams to focus on creating awesome insurance experiences for your customers using only code. Key insurance services are abstracted behind Root’s REST APIs.

Leverage your unique customer relationships, insights and data to add more value to your offering, drive customer stickiness, and increase your top-line.

Root is region-agnostic which means that we can power your insurance offering anywhere.

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Get started quickly with ready-to-sell products on API

We leverage strong partnerships with underwriters, reinsurers, MGA's/UMA's, payment providers and third-party administrators to design, build and manage insurance products made available to you over API.

Simply choose a packaged insurance product from our inventory, or work with us to design products suited for your customers.

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  • Plug into digital platforms, websites and mobile apps
  • Embed and start selling insurance within days
  • White-labelled policy documents and communications
  • No upfront costs
  • No insurance expertise required
  • Claims and operational processes solved
  • Multi-region support

Funeral cover

Easily sell funeral cover to your customers ensuring a dignified funeral for them and their loved ones.

Device cover

Add device protection to your offering as standalone product or add-on to the core product you’re selling.

Credit life cover

Launch off-the-shelf credit life insurance to cover your customers' debt in the event of death, disability or unemployment.

Term life cover

Make it easy for your customers to guarantee financial security for their loved ones during a specified term.

Personal accident cover

Offer peace of mind for your customers when the unexpected happens.

Excess car insurance

Make it easy and convenient for your travelling customers to protect themselves for unforeseen driving emergencies.

Medical insurance

Provide your customers with access to medical insurance and help to pay for your customers' healthcare needs.

Whatever you need

Let's explore new products together to add value to your customers.

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Embedded Insurance

Easily integrate insurance into your own digital customer-facing front-ends

Using white-labeled fly-over magic links, iframes or comprehensive REST APIs, your team can rapidly embed insurance into your customer journey. Enable policy take-up, updating and claims, all through no more than a few lines of code.

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Embedded Insurance

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