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Embedded digital insurance made possible easy

Seamlessly plug insurance into your digital customer journey without having to deal with underwriters, compliance, or regulatory pains.

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Start selling insurance to your customers tomorrow

Leverage your unique customer relationships, insights and data to add more value to your offering, drive customer stickiness, and increase your top-line.

Simply choose a packaged insurance product from our inventory, or work with us to design products suited for your customers.

  • Plug into digital platforms, websites and mobile apps
  • Embed and start selling insurance within days
  • White-labelled policy documents and communications
  • No upfront costs
  • No insurance expertise required
  • Claims and operational processes solved
  • Multi-region support

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How it works

We've solved insurance so that you can access ready-to-sell products via API

Stay focused on your customer experience

Root takes care of the heavy lifting to ensure you stay focused on what you do best, creating the optimal customer experience.

Embed ready-to-sell insurance products

Add insurance to your offering, either standalone or embedded, by simply inserting a few lines of code.

We guide you along the way

We'll guide you during integration and setup to ensure that you can start selling within days.

Why Root

Industry leaders trust Root to process millions of policies and thousands of claims across dozens of products

We're focused on delivering the world's most flexible digital insurance platform to power a future for insurance that is digital, accessible and, customer-centric.

We leverage strong partnerships with underwriters, reinsurers, MGA's/UMA's, payment providers and third-party administrators to design, build and manage insurance products made available to you over API.

Root is region-agnostic which means that we can power your insurance offering anywhere.

Easily integrate insurance into your own digital customer-facing front-ends

Using white-labeled fly-over magic links, iframes or comprehensive REST APIs, your team can rapidly embed insurance into your customer journey. Enable policy take-up, updating and claims, all through no more than a few lines of code.

  • 1
    Get a quote
  • 2
    Create a policyholder
  • 3
    Create an application
  • 4
    Add payment details
  • 5
    Issue the policy
/* Require the Root library and initiate it with a secret key */
const root = require('root-insurance')('MY_ORGANISATION_SECRET_KEY');
/* Generate a term life insurance quote */
const quotePackages = await root.createQuote('term-life', {
coverAmount: 2000000 * 100,
coverPeriod: '5_years',
basicIncomePerMonth: 48000 * 100,
educationStatus: 'undergraduate_degree',
smoker: false,
gender: 'female',
age: 27
/* Create a new policyholder */
const policyholder = await root.createPolicyholder({
firstName: 'Sam',
lastName: 'Harper',
cellphone: '0827030829',
id: {
type: 'id',
number: '8908054800087',
country: 'ZA'
/* Create an application from the quote */
const application = await root.createApplication({
package: quotePackages[0],
monthlyPremium: 320 * 100
/* Add payment details */
const debitOrder = await root.createDebitOrder({
accountNumber: '1337098765',
bank: 'ABSA',
branchCode: '623005'
/* Assign the payment details to the policyholder */
const paymentMethod = await root.assignPaymentMethod(application, debitOrder);
/* Issue a policy from the application */
const policy = await root.issuePolicy(application);

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