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Take your insurance business to the next level

Rapidly launch new products and open digital distribution channels to drive growth in your insurance business.

Level up your insurance business

Launch new insurance products, fast

Set your business apart by bringing new insurance products to market faster than ever.

Reach more customers through new channels

Deliver first-class insurance experiences across all your customer touch-points.

Simplify compliance and focus on growth

Let us take care of all insurance administration, compliance and reporting.


Easily collect premiums

Increase conversion and reduce lapses by offering your customers the billing methods that work for them.

Root provides debit orders, credit card billing, EFT collections, and custom integrations into your existing systems, right out the box.

Premium collections involve more than simply collecting money. Root handles all aspects from customer communications to reconciliations and reporting, so that you don’t have to.

Billing features

  • Automated payment notifications to your customers
  • Any-day recurring billing and pro-rata collections
  • On-demand product billing
  • Automatic retries and retention
  • Premium accounting and reconciliation
  • Bank cards, EFT, debit orders, NAEDO, DebiCheck and more
  • Off-platform external credit system billing
Easily collect premiums
Solve compliance concerns

Reporting & Analytics

Solve compliance concerns, forever

Root takes your reporting duties completely off your hands, automatically delivering reports to your insurer, exactly as and when they are required.

We take on the full responsibility of keeping up to date with evolving compliance and reporting requirements, freeing you up to focus on delivering value to your customers.

Solve compliance concerns


Handle claims efficiently

Root packages everything you need to process claims, including configurable roles and workflows, document collection and management, automated policyholder communications, seamless interaction with cell-captive provider and benefit payouts.

  • Easily build a digital claims experience into your website or app
  • Automatically send notifications to your customers at every point in the claims process
  • Manage granular user roles throughout the claims process
  • Enjoy compliant, automated claims reporting
Handle claims efficiently


Effortlessly notify customers and track communications

Root takes care of notifying the policyholder at every critical moment in the policy life cycle, ensuring that they’re always kept in the loop.

You have access to a detailed audit trail of all notifications sent to your customers, giving you peace of mind that your PPR compliance is in check.

Solve compliance concerns

Product workbench

Customise off-the-shelf insurance products

Rapidly build your own insurance products on Root using our customisable template products and low-code Workbench tools.

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Pet cover

Launch pet insurance that provide the benefits deserved by your clients' furry friends.

Device cover

Offer device protection for your customers to cover them for theft, accidental damage, loss and more.

Funeral cover

Build funeral products assisting your clients in controlling the uncontrollable.

Whatever you need

Easily build any product you need on the Root rails and add value to your customers.

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Designed for developers

Build your own experiences, with complete programmatic access

Root enables your product teams to focus on creating awesome insurance experiences for your customers using only code. Key insurance services are abstracted behind Root’s REST API’s, allowing your creative teams to function with the speed and agility they demand.

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    Create a
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    Create an
  • 4
    Add payment
  • 5
    Issue the
/* Require the Root library and initiate it with a secret key */
const root = require('root-insurance')('MY_ORGANISATION_SECRET_KEY');
/* Generate a term life insurance quote */
const quotePackages = await root.createQuote('term-life', {
coverAmount: 2000000 * 100,
coverPeriod: '5_years',
basicIncomePerMonth: 48000 * 100,
educationStatus: 'undergraduate_degree',
smoker: false,
gender: 'female',
age: 27
/* Create a new policyholder */
const policyholder = await root.createPolicyholder({
firstName: 'Sam',
lastName: 'Harper',
cellphone: '0827030829',
id: {
type: 'id',
number: '8908054800087',
country: 'ZA'
/* Create an application from the quote */
const application = await root.createApplication({
package: quotePackages[0],
monthlyPremium: 320 * 100
/* Add payment details */
const debitOrder = await root.createDebitOrder({
accountNumber: '1337098765',
bank: 'ABSA',
branchCode: '623005'
/* Assign the payment details to the policyholder */
const paymentMethod = await root.assignPaymentMethod(application, debitOrder);
/* Issue a policy from the application */
const policy = await root.issuePolicy(application);

Solutions for scale

Root is built for insurance businesses of any size.

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