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Low-code product workbench

Take control and build your differentiation

Stay in control as you build and iterate on bespoke, programmable, API-ready insurance products without external bottlenecks or technical barriers.

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Low-code product workbench

How it works

Build with tools designed for developers

The developer-experience is at the heart of what Root does. We give control to builders and continuously optimise Root's developer tooling, assuring a frictionless, delightful experience tailored to the needs of developers.

Build any insurance experience, without constraints

Prototype and launch universally programmable, API-ready insurance products without compromising on the features that set them apart.

Set your own pace

Achieve real speed to market without the constraint of relying on external providers. Execute at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Autonomously test and iterate

Independently test and validate products with your customers and iterate on your own, in real time.


The developer portal into your insurance products

Workbench allows you to iterate on highly bespoke, universally programmable, API-ready insurance products. It removes technical barriers and dependency on third-party providers, allowing your team to move faster without compromise.

CLI Tool

  • Intellisense & code snippets

  • Integrate into CI/CD workflow

  • Real-time document preview

  • Automation test suite

Dashboard tooling

  • Product run logs

  • Product-specific API docs

  • Customer notifications

  • Product templates

Quality assurance

  • Sandbox environment

  • Product versioning

  • Secure testing of draft versions

  • Use with Git and Github

Tech stack

  • JavaScript low-code hooks

  • JSON for config

  • HTML & CSS documents

  • MJML for emails

Your developer portal into the Root environment

Product logic

Build your product through complete programmatic access

Flexibly configure a range of platform features to meet product-specific requirements with the Workbench command line interface (CLI) tool, available through npm.

  • Pricing logic
  • Product configurations
  • Policy documents
  • Policy amendments
  • Claims workflow

Pricing logic

Overcome the limitations of traditional pricing approaches with Root’s pricing engine. Build dynamic premium logic into your product, such as accounting for bespoke rating factors or leveraging external data sources.

Easily include the calculation of charges like reinsurance premium, commission, other intermediary fees, risk premium, and more.

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Pricing logic

Product configurations

Configure your general product setup and features relevant to all types of insurance products in simple JSON format.

  • Define the policy scheme type

  • Set policy activation events

  • Specify allowed policyholder types

  • Define the number of allowed beneficiaries

  • Define policy status and lifecycle rules

  • Enable policy documents

  • Configure billing settings

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Product configurations

Policy documents

Policy documents are set up in HTML using curly-bracket templates for dynamic data, and automatically converts to PDF.

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Pet insurance
Product configurations

Policy amendments

Once a policy has been issued, policy management functions, from cancelling or reactivating policies to making policy amendments, are governed by standard Root platform rules and product-specific rules configurable in Workbench.

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Policy amendments

Claims workflow

Root has a multi-step claims workflow with customisable claim information parameters specifying the information to be captured on a claim.

Claim workflows use blocks and display conditions in a claim schema. This schema is a JSON array of objects, each containing a block and display conditions.

Block states can be read and updated through the API.

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Product configurations

Get a head start with product starter templates

All product starter templates are designed ready for launch and include comprehensive product logic and key benefits that can be customised using Workbench to match your unique requirements.

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Pet cover

Key features include:

  • Variable pricing using rating tables and adjustments through alteration hooks.

  • Useful examples for schemas, blocks, disbursements and policy documents.

Device cover

Key features include:

  • Reactivation logic using lifecycle hooks and actions.

  • Variable pricing with excess amount allocation.

  • Pre-populated claims blocks using a HTTP requests.

Funeral cover

Key features include:

  • Logic for advanced cover tranches.

  • Complex policy alterations.

  • Advanced claims architecture including waiting periods.

  • Automated anniversary logic.

White-label frontends

Get to market fast with Root Embed

Switch on digital insurance journeys by embedding an iFrame into an existing customer experience or launch it as a standalone website. Customise your Embed experience using Workbench with minimal development effort.

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Customer Notifications

Tailored automated notifications

Use Root’s communication tooling to keep your customers in the loop throughout their policy lifecycle and claims process.

Configure tailored customer notifications through the Workbench Dashboard. Set up email and SMS communication for specific events, edit wording and design in MJML and dynamically inject policy information using handlebars.

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Tailored automated notifications

Ready to start building with Workbench?

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