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Root - Single Sign-on

Streamline customer identity and access management with Root’s Single Sign-On (SSO) add-on using Amazon Cognito.


Streamline access management

Using Root’s Single Sign-On (SSO) add-on, you can deliver frictionless access management providing users with simplified access to the Root Dashboard while fortifying your app's defenses against unauthorized access. Root’s SSO add-on is based on Amazon Cognito.


  • Single Sign-On: Simplified login across multiple applications.
  • Centralized User Management: Streamlined user access control.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Enhanced security layers.
  • Customizable Access Policies: Tailored permission settings.
  • Audit Trail: Detailed user activity logs.
  • SAML and OAuth Support: Industry-standard security protocols.
  • Adaptive Authentication: Dynamic security adjustments.
  • API Access Control: Secure API and microservice access.
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