Many service providers want to offer a seamless experience for their customers. Take car leasing, for example - a car leasing company can offer vehicles for customers, but an important part of the overall package may be missing: insurance.

This means, when consumers lease a vehicle, they then need to purchase insurance through a different company, through a separate transaction. This, in turn, leads to extra admin for the consumer, dealing with multiple companies, setting up multiple accounts, remembering multiple passwords and renewal details. 

In 2023, Root partnered with Admiral Connect to offer embedded insurance for providers to include in their services to customers, meaning the customer can purchase ‘the whole package’ at the point of sale.

Connect by Admiral brings the technical capability - via its partnership with Root - the behavioural insight and access to motor, household, pet, and travel insurance as a benefit of being affiliated with one of the UK’s most well-known and trusted insurance brands, providing a complete solution to their partners’ embedded insurance aspirations.

The customer journey has been made simple, with only one relationship needed directly with the provider. 

Simplifying the process for providers

For service providers, the process is much simpler too. They have sight of the entire sales process, and are empowered to offer the customer a more enhanced service with no communication barriers between a provider and third party insurer. 

The early signs are very positive and both Root and Admiral Connect have received good feedback since launch and strong momentum converting initial interest into implementation from leading brands. 

This is most notable through Connect by Admiral’s partnership with Wagonex.

Wagonex is the UK’s leading mobility subscription platform provider. Having launched in 2016, Wagonex designs, builds, and manages a flexible, all-inclusive platform which enables vehicle suppliers to offer subscription options directly to consumers. Wagonex provides a seamless, end-to-end customer journey, with an automated credit decision engine creating flexible contracts inclusive of road tax, insurance, breakdown cover, and servicing.

By partnering with Connect, Wagonex empowers customers to select the car they want to drive and purchase Admiral motor insurance within the same journey. Both the subscription costs and the insurance premium are shown in an itemised checkout and the customer receives a single monthly bill, simplifying the purchase experience significantly.

Customer-first approach

The collaboration between Root and Connect is laser focused on the customer and offers businesses looking to support their customers with insurance the simplest and most powerful route to doing so. 

Connect by Admiral is a unique partner for these businesses, offering security, flexibility and tailor-made solutions across a wide range of products and industries.

Connect by Admiral also works with marketplaces and proposes insurance to SMEs as they need it.

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