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Launch Embedded Digital Insurance, now

Launch Embedded Digital Insurance, now

Monique Heyden  •  20 June 2022

Transforming insurance products into digital, fully embedded experiences is crucial for any modern insurance strategy. With Root Embed, launching digital channels is now easier than ever!

Market opportunities for embedded, digital insurance products are continuously rising and customers expect on-demand access to insurance where they are – online. At Root, we understand that modern, flexible technology is a prerequisite to enabling digital distribution tactics. We also understand that building and maintaining effective digital channels requires significant technical expertise and effort, which is a hurdle for many insurance companies. This is why we launched Root Embed – a new platform add-on that allows you to rapidly embed your insurance products into your existing customer journeys without the need for complex integrations.

Root Embed

Root Embed quickly transforms your company's insurance offering into a digital experience for policy take-up, updating and claims, all through no more than a few lines of code.

Embedded Digital Insurance

Root Embed is a fast and seamless way to:

  • Add insurance into your own digital, customer-facing frontends, web & mobile.
  • Launch new insurance products through existing or new digital channels quickly and without the need to custom build or integrate APIs.
  • Provide seamless end-to-end self-service customer experiences, from policy issue to claim.
  • Maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the entire customer journey.
  • Benefit from Root’s digital expertise and the continuous enhancements to the embedded flows.
  • Engage your customers where they are – online.

The Root Embed solution consists of three add-ons, each configured and integrated separately, allowing you to ‘mix-and-match’ the perfect digital solution for your insurance offering:

  1. Root Embed | Sales

    The Sales add-on provides a complete mobile-responsive sales flow for quote generation and policy issuing through a customer-facing frontend.

  2. Root Embed | Claims

    The Claims add-on allows you to embed a digital claims flow in which your customers can log new claims, upload documents and provide you with important claims information.

  3. Root Embed | Policy Management

    The Policy Management add-on is a complete customer-facing policy management solution enabling your policyholders to view, update and edit their policies through a user-friendly online portal.

Are you looking to transform your insurance products into an embedded digital offering? Email us at or get in touch here to learn more.


Monique Heyden

Senior Product Manager

Root is an end-to-end digital insurance platform that enables you to launch new products and digital engagement channels fast. We package all the compliance, regulatory and reporting complexities behind easy-to-use APIs, allowing your team to focus on building great customer experiences.

Are you interested in taking your insurance business to the next level today? Email us at [email protected] or get in touch here to hear more.

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