Our co-founder, Louw Hopley, recently featured as a guest on the InsTech - insurance & innovation with Matthew Grant podcast discussing why the future is embedded.

In this engaging 20-minute chat, Louw gave his thoughts on the opportunities and challenges in the insurance industry, while focusing on the role of embedded insurance in adapting to changing customer demands. 

“Traditional insurance channels are not changing enough, and they are not adapting to this world. That is what I see as the opportunity. Embedded insurance is a combination of changing original products to fit this new digital age, meet customers where they are at,” said Louw.

Key Talking Points in the podcast included:

  • A year of progress and expansion
  • The development of insurance distribution
  • The future of embedded insurance
  • Root’s journey: leadership and company growth
  • Innovations in insurance: from digital assets to angry AI

On why embedded insurance is becoming more and more popular, Louw said: “There are new types of insurance products that are coming to life. Because you have new types of engagement models, you’ve got new types of data from customers, and you’ve got new ways to price risk with that, you don’t have to ask the typical 60 Qs to do a motor insurance quote. If you’re a subscription platform that controls the vehicle, you can look at risk quite differently.” 

To listen to the full episode, click here

Thank you to Matthew Grant for the engaging chat.