In today's data-driven world, insurance businesses that leverage data insights are more likely to stay competitive and thrive in the crowded insurance market. By effectively gathering and analysing data, insurance companies can gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences, better assess risk, and provide best-in-class claims experiences. This enables risk carriers to make more informed, customer-centric decisions, ultimately reducing costs and increasing revenue.

Data forms the foundation of insurance, but businesses are often stuck with very limited data and insights. At Root, we understand that quality actionable data is a game-changer for the modern insurance business. For this reason, data is a core part of our product offering. Root Data Adapter is our latest data tool designed to supercharge what our clients can do with their insurance data available on Root.

Introducing the Root Data Adapter

To be truly data-driven, organisations must empower teams to make confident decisions based on hard facts. Access to data is important, but not enough. Choosing the best reporting and data visualisation tools is essential for success.

With Root’s Data Adapter, you get the best of both worlds – secure and flexible access to your data on Root and the ability to connect your preferred Business Intelligence tool to query and interact with your insurance data. This means you can use analytics and data processing tools you are familiar with to build and automate regulatory, sales and financial reporting, create bespoke performance dashboards, and discover valuable insights to make smarter business decisions. Start using the Data Adapter to:

  1. Easily generate and automate bordereau and regulatory reports
  2. Monitor sales statistics and agent performance
  3. Review collection rates and customer retention
  4. Actively determine insurance book quality
  5. Keep an eye on claims process bottlenecks
  6. Enhance operational and monitoring activities through triggers and alerts

Root’s Data Adapter provides comprehensive, SQL-like access to all of your data on Root through an interface powered by AWS Athena. This gives you the ability to write complex SQL queries to fetch and combine the data needed to run an effective insurance operation.

The Data Adapter allows you to:

  • Write your own SQL queries
  • Use your favourite BI tool
  • Plug Root directly into your data cloud

Your favourite BI tools, like PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik and Google Data Studio are compatible with the Data Adapter out of the box.

Data Adapter Diagram

Data access & security

The data is encrypted at rest, encrypted in transit, and processed in the same region as the source database.

For technical information on how to get the most out of the Data Adapter, refer to Root’s Data Adapter guides.

Are you interested in unlocking the power of your insurance data with Root? Email us at [email protected] or get in touch here to hear more.