We’re excited to announce that Telkom’s digital fulfillment website is live!

Telkom’s self-service website powered by Root’s insurance infrastructure allows customers to purchase insurance policies directly online. This means that customers don’t have to go through a call-centre to get the insurance they want, while at the same time saving Telkom time and money.

Improving access for customers

Traditional insurance experiences have become seriously out-dated because they rely heavily on call-centres to both sell and service policies. This means customers can’t self-service, which is a common frustration. It also results in higher acquisition and servicing costs that ultimately end up as higher premiums for the customer.

With the rise of COVID-19, consumers are increasingly demanding more digital experiences, where they have the ability to self-service in real-time when purchasing financial services like insurance. Additionally, they expect personalisation and convenience to be at the core of any service or product they’re purchasing.

This means that lagging behind in the digitalisation journey is becoming untenable for businesses who want to appeal to the demands of customers. For Telkom, the goal is to innovate for the always on digital future, by finding partners that enable modern, scalable, distribution channels.

Finding fast partners that make access easy

The first step for Telkom was to partner with Root. By choosing to manage their products on Root’s API-first insurance platform, they’re able to make them available securely over their new website so that customers can conveniently self-service. It became nothing more than a simple integration exercise, which their developers could easily complete in just a few weeks.

“For most insurance companies, digital fulfillment will take months if not years to implement. That is because the majority of existing insurance products simply don’t have real-time APIs to enable digital self-service for customers.”
Brian Tait, Head of Delivery at Root (read more)

Telkom self-service insurance website powered by Root Platform digital insurance APIs

At Root, we’re always looking to enable innovators in insurance and it’s heartening to see Telkom and it’s business partner ecosystem so rapidly reaping the rewards of Root’s developer-friendly API’s.

Want to digitise your insurance offering?

If you’re an insurance innovator with a well-defined product, get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help your insurance business go online.