Platform Plans

Build your ideal insurance value chain

The Root Insurance Platform is purpose-built for the flexible creation of insurance ecosystems with various platform modules and add-ons. Only pay for the modules and add-ons you use.

Platform Modules

Your unique setup

Leverage the Root Insurance Platform to solve the entire value chain or select the platform modules you need.

Configurable pricing and rating engine
Configurable policy issuing workflow
Out-of-the-box tooling for issuing policies and managing applications on the Root dashboard
APIs for building self-help policy issuing experiences
Event-based notifications for the policy issuing workflow
Out-of-the-box policy administration dashboard
APIs for building self-help policy issuing and administration experiences
Policy management tools for all stages of the policy lifecycle
Event-based policy lifecycle notifications
Integrated complaints management
Out-of-the-box claims handling dashboard
APIs for building digital self-help claims experiences
Configurable claims workflows
Claims payout management
Event-based claims notifications
Compliant, automated claims reporting
Segregation of duties for claims processing
Policy ledger with full transaction history
APIs for integrating payment systems
Premium accounting and reconciliation
Automatic retries and retention
Automated payment notifications to your customers
Rewards programs and payment coupons
Unlock a world of functionality by enabling any platform module:
Comprehensive RESTful APIs from quotes through claims
Low-code tools for building programmable insurance products
Configurable pricing & rating engine
Customisable product templates to get started quickly. View supported products.
Product lifecycle management with hooks
Real-time, event-based webhooks for all policy and claims events
Customisable SMS and email notifications
Customisable policy documents
Sandbox environment for testing and training
Developer docs, guides, tutorials and community
Data integration for your BI tools
Configurable, self-service reporting
Automated SFTP, HTTPS or AWS S3 data downloads
Master data management tooling
Granular audit trails for all platform usage
Role-based account control
Standard user roles
Custom user roles
Inbound IP whitelisting


Tap into Root's ecosystem

Elevate your products and operations with a curated selection of add-ons to meet your unique needs.

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Choose your infrastructure setup

Root is a cloud-native, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution hosted on AWS with a choice of infrastructure setups.

Root Private Stack

Your dedicated instance of Root, for private application and data hosting in a region of your choice.

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Multi-tenant stack

Shared application and data hosting in selected regions.

Both solutions include:

  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Multi-datacenter, high-availability APIs & data storage
  • Robust disaster recovery plan
  • Elastic runtime enabling burst-mode and high load handling
  • Compliant customer data security and privacy protection

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Our platform is complemented by a team of experienced professionals for end-to-end advisory, solutioning and implementation support. Find out how the Root team can help your business succeed.

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