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Built for insurance businesses of any size


The functionality you need to launch and manage digital products with low-touch support from Root.

  • Build products using Workbench
  • API documentation and guides
  • Help centre
  • Product tutorials
  • Standard technical support (email)
  • Standard account management
  • Limited access to advanced features

Ideal for insurance startups or insurance businesses with lower policy volumes.


Enterprise includes everything in Professional, plus:

  • Access to insurance expertise and advisory
  • Data and reporting services
  • User training
  • Prioritised technical support (phone & email)
  • Dedicated account management
  • Unlimited access to features

Available for businesses of any size.


What's included

  • Developer tools

    • Comprehensive RESTful APIs from quotes through claims

    • Low-code tools for building programmable insurance products

    • Configurable pricing & rating engine

    • Customisable product templates to get started quickly

    • Product lifecycle management with hooks

    • Real-time event-based webhooks for all policy and claims events

    • Customisable SMS and email notifications

    • Customisable policy documents

    • Sandbox environment for testing and training

    • Developer docs, guides, tutorials and community

  • Policy administration

    • Out-of-the-box policy administration dashboard

    • APIs for building self-help policy issuing and administration experiences

    • Configurable policy issuing workflow

    • Policy management tools for all stages of the policy lifecycle

    • Master data management

    • Event-based policy lifecycle notifications

    • Integrated complaints management

  • Claims

    • Out-of-the-box claims handling dashboard

    • APIs for building digital self-help claims experiences

    • Configurable claims workflows

    • Claims payout management

    • Event-based claims notifications

    • Compliant, automated claims reporting

    • Segragation of duties for claims processing

  • Billing

    • Policy ledger with full transaction history

    • APIs for integrating payment systems

    • Premium accounting and reconciliation

    • Automatic retries and retention

    • Automated payment notifications to your customers

    • Rewards programs and payment coupons

  • Data

    • Data integration for your BI tools

    • Configurable, self-service reporting

    • Automated SFTP, HTTPS or AWS S3 data downloads

    • Master data management tooling

    • Granular audit trails for all platform usage

  • Access management

    • Role-based account control

    • Standard user roles

    • Custom user roles

    • Inbound IP whitelisting

  • Infrastructure

    • Data encryption in transit and at rest

    • Multi-datacenter, high-availability APIs & data storage

    • Robust disaster recovery plan

    • Elastic runtime enabling burst-mode and high load handling

    • Compliant customer data security and privacy protection

    • Dedicated instance of Root with Private Stack

      Enterprise only


Integrated solutions


Rapidly launch digital distribution channels

Easily integrate insurance into your digital front-ends with Root Embed | Sales, an out-of-the-box solution enabling your customers to get insurance quotes and take out policies in self-service.

Read more  
  • Complete sales flow for quote generation and policy issuing
  • Launched in under a week
  • Integrated through a few lines of code
  • Mobile-responsive and fully configurable
  • Upgrades and maintenance included


Let your customers self-service their policies

Give your policyholders the freedom to view and manage their policies through your online portal, without having to pick up the phone, send an email, or speak to your team.

Read more  
  • Complete policy management portal
  • Individual modules for updating policy, beneficiary or payment details that can be enabled separately
  • Integrated through a few lines of code
  • Mobile-responsive and fully configurable
  • Upgrades and maintenance included


Seamlessly connect and collect premium with Stripe

Leverage the payments power of Stripe directly on Root. Integrate your Stripe account with ease using Root’s native Stripe integration and and let your customers choose their preferred payment method.

  • Direct debit and credit card collections from customers around the world
  • Additional Stripe payment methods available on request
  • Connect your own Stripe account
  • Collect premium directly into your own bank account


Card payments in South Africa

Collect payment details and process payments right out the box with Root’s integrated billing suite for credit or debit card payments.

  • Debit and credit card collections for South African clients
  • Easily connect your Peach Payments account with Root
  • Configurable billing strategies


Process debit orders and DebiCheck in South Africa

Use Root’s native integration with Nedbank to offer debit order and DebiCheck premium collections to your customers. Simply link your Nedbank merchant account, and Root will manage the payments from there.

  • Native integration with Nedbank for debit order processing
  • Two-day and same-day debit orders
  • DebiCheck available
  • Account verification services available
  • Configurable billing strategies


Manage financial reporting with ease

Let Root take financial reporting duties completely off your plate, automatically delivering reports to you, exactly as required. We keep you up to date with evolving compliance and reporting requirements, freeing you up to focus on delivering value to your customers.

  • Bordereau reports
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Monthly debtor movement reconciliation
  • Other reports on request


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