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Build, launch and manage your ideal pet insurance product. Root gives you the flexibility to align with the unique needs of your product build and go-to-market strategy.

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Launch Pet insurance, today


Build your differentiation
  • Flexible cover options: Give pet owners a choice of varying cover amounts and excess fees.
  • Additional benefits: Configure a range of additional benefits that set your products apart from the competition.
  • Pricing logic: Perfect your pet-focused pricing logic and rating factors.
  • Policy issuing flow: Prioritise digital distribution and create tailored, digital customer journeys.
  • Claims workflow: Streamline the process of capturing, assessing, and paying out claims.
  • Policy documents: Instantly send policy documents to your customers to ensure clear communication.
  • Customer notifications: Keep pet owners in the loop with email and SMS notifications.
  • Embed-enabled: Supercharge launching your pet product through digital and partner-based channels using Root Embed.

Product Workbench

Build your product through complete programmatic access

Flexibly configure your product with Workbench to meet product-specific requirements without external bottlenecks or technical barriers.

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Build your product through complete programmatic access

Digital Distribution

Engage with with your customers digitally

All template products are API-ready and enabled for Root Embed, Root’s white-label frontends, allowing you to build any digital channel of your choice.

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Before Launch

Get your product launch-ready

To go from product build to launch, these are the minimum steps required:

Note: These steps may vary for each insurer.

  • Product build: Use Workbench to configure your product, billing logic and integrations according to your unique requirements.
  • Underwriting: Before launch, underwriting needs to be solved and accurate pricing logic needs to be configured.
  • Regulatory compliance: Obtain approvals and certifications from regulatory authorities to ensure that your product complies with regulations and licensing requirements.
  • Support and distribution strategy: Define the channels through which the insurance product will be distributed and supported.
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